Russian Defense Ministry Shows How Russia Uses Chinese Multicopters Converted into Flying Mortars

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one of the videos released by the Russian Ministry of Defense shows the work of an unnamed repair unit restoring the damaged drone.

Although in this plot, the Russian military person says that several specialists came to calibrate this product. This calls into question the real involvement of this unit in the repair of drones.

But the multicopter itself, which can be easily identified as the M1500 by the Chinese company T-Motor (T-Drones), attracts attention in its story.

The drone is freely sold in the civilian market, the price of the basic version without battery and camera starts from 5499 dollars.

The declared characteristics of the M1500 speak of the possibility of flying with a load of 15 kg for 30 minutes, and with a load of 5 kg, the flight duration is 1 hour. Given these technical characteristics, this multicopter can really be turned into a mortar shell.

Other components of the drone itself were also shown. For example, the T-Rex Mini 1500TVL invention from another Chinese company, Foxeer, is used as a daytime camera. Also in the video you can see the control panel – the universal remote control CubePilot Herelink.

We will remind that in general we are talking about ready-made drones, which, most likely, were independently adapted by Russia for dropping mortar mines.

However, as Defense Express wrote earlier, that Chinese companies are ready to produce “flying mortars” for Russia in a complete configuration , including falling mechanisms.

Although Beijing has banned the export of any drone with a take-off weight of more than 7 kg since September 1, it is quite easy to circumvent this ban by supplying “machine tools” in the form of self-assembled kits.

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