U.S. Army Soldiers to receive new encryption device to protect the joint network

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U.S. Army Soldiers to receive new encryption device to protect the joint network

The U.S. Army will receive new cryptographic key loaders as an aid in fighting cyber-attacks.

The Next Generation Load Device Medium (NGLD-M) will allow the delivery of the strongest NSA cryptographic keys to tactical and strategic network systems. It can operate at the highest security levels, from SECRET through the most advanced. NGLD-M will transfer modern cryptographic algorithms to combat the increased threat posed cyber and electronic warfare threats.

The NGLD-M is a network-enabled device allowing the network manager to reconfigure cryptographic products, perform Over-The-Network-Keying, conduct remote software downloads, and improve operational environment awareness. It supports all command echelons in the military, government agencies, and foreign military partner organisations.

The NGLD – M will store over 10,000 keys and will replace the SKL in strategic, tactical and enterprise network locations.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Defense declared that Sierra Nevada Corp., Sparks (Nevada) and General Dynamics Mission Systems Dedham (Massachusetts) will be competing for each order of the hybrid contract worth $744,220.874 for the NGLD–M.

A DoD press release stated that funding and work locations will be determined for each order. The completion date is estimated to be Aug. 8, 2031.

It was also reported that the contracting activity is U.S. Army Contracting Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

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