U.S. Marine Corps robotic launcher becomes global sensation

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U.S. Marine Corps robotic launcher becomes global sensation

After Large Scale Exercise in Hawaii, a new robot vehicle with two Naval Strike Missiles became an internet sensation.

The robot combat vehicle is now the star of news stories around the globe. Social media users have been amazed by the footage and shared it as part of their social media feeds.

The unidentified vehicle could be controlled remotely by a remote operator. It looked similar to a JLTV, but without a cabin. It was equipped with sensors, cameras and a launcher for multi-mission cruise missiles.

The Navy/Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System is the new vehicle. NMESIS incorporates ROGUE Fires unmanned vehicle (UGV), which leverages the JLTV’s extreme off-road mobility.

“ROGUE Fires was purposely built and leverages next generation capabilities from several proven Oshkosh Defense platform platforms and technologies,” stated Pat Williams, Vice President of U.S. Army Corps Programs. ROGUE Fires, much like the JLTV, can be tailored to any mission. Flexible design allows the integration of scalable weapon systems payloads, giving combatant commanders flexibility depending on mission requirements.

A NMESIS launcher launched a Naval Strike Missile, (NSM), and hit a target at sea. The NSM can be used to attack heavily defended land and maritime targets. The multi-mission cruise missile was developed by Raytheon, Kongsberg.

“It’s amazing to me how the Marine Corps advances our long-range precision firing capabilities both in how we target and process mission to how we engage with them using the NMESIS platform,” said Lt.Col. Richard Neikirk (1/12), 1/12’s commanding officers. “The capabilities found within a fire direction centre now rival those found aboard a ship’s combat information center.”

These new capabilities and systems represent a significant change for the artillery industry as it shifts its focus to implement Force Design 2030 concepts, and improve its support for distributed maritime operations.

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