U.S. Navy awards contract to Austal to modernize east coast-based Littoral Combat Ships

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U.S. Navy awards contract to Austal to modernize east coast-based Littoral Combat Ships

Austal, an Australian shipbuilder, announced that Austal USA, its business unit, was awarded maintenance and modernization contracts by the U.S.Navy to support east coast-based Littoral Combat Ships.

According to a company statement the awards were announced by the U.S. Department of Defense on 4 and 13, August. They cover support sustainment execution efforts for Littoral Combat Ships homeported at San Diego, California and Mayport, Florida.

This effort includes a chief in naval operations dry docking restricted availabilities and select restricted availabilities, continuous, emergent, maintenance and facilities maintenance and corrosion control within the contiguous U.S., as well as continuous maintenance and emergent, preventative/planned, maintenance, facilities maintenance and corrosion control outside the continental U.S.

The Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship, (LCS) by Austal, was designed for the US Navy. It is a fast, agile, multi-mission combatant with superior seakeeping and performance. The Independence-variant LCS can be used open ocean, but it is also capable of defeating littoral threats. It is designed to provide access and control in the coastal waters battlespace.

The Independence-variant LCS is a fast, mobile, and networked surface combatant. It has the warfighting capabilities, operational flexibility, and warfighting capability to complete multiple critical missions, including mine warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

The Independence-variant LCS provides combat capability using core self-defense systems, in conjunction with quickly interchangeable, modular mission packs and an open architecture command-and-control system. The Independencevariant’s aviation facility and watercraft launch and recovery capability support packages are equipped with both unmanned and manned surface, air, and sub-surface vehicle. Three weapons modules and a mission bay provide support services interfaces between the seaframe, sensors and weapons and mission package weapons.

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